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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

May 28, 2008 -- 219.5 Pounds (I jogged last night)

In an odd turn of events, I'm not keeping up with my food because I think that is helping me eat less. If you came here from my main blog, then you know that I'm focusing on getting in shape and taking a more active approach to losing weight. That has me motivated at the moment to eat less, to the point where it might hurt my efforts to know how little I'm eating.

For example, Monday I worked at the computer most of the day at home. That's usually a formula for overeating. In this case, I had a can of tropical fruit(320 calories) and a can of pineapples(270) in the afternoon. It was getting near 7 PM and I wasn't really hungry but I figured I needed to eat something so I went to the store and got some breakfast style hot pockets (620) calories. It seemed to help me eat less by the fact that I wasn't consciously keeping up with calories eaten. Sometimes the calorie counting turns into keeping up with the number of calories I can still eat and stay below 2,000 for the day, and that leads to extra eating in the evening.

Tuesday was a full day of work and I think I had the following: yogurt(100)--cereal bar(190)--1 hot pocket(310)--crackers(190)--cereal bar(190)--a rice and pork packet(310) = 1,290 calories. I also took my vitamins, a necessity if I'm going to eat so little.

Today we have a party at lunch honoring an employee who has been at the company for 50 years! You don't see that length of service very often. It's the kind of day where keeping exact calories is difficult anyway, but I also think that my best hope in keeping the total down is by focusing on my desire to get in shape, which pushes me naturally towards eating less and eating better. I know the mentality is a little screwy, and the exact opposite of my theory about being accountable. I just have more motivation right now to get in shape than I do to lose weight. Of course one of the by-products of getting in shape is to lose weight and one of the best ways to get in shape is to lose weight, so I'm going for the same end result on a different route.

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