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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

May 6, 2008 -- 221 Pounds

Weight today: 221 Pounds (a new color system: Green will be when I've lost weight from the previous day. Blue will be when the weight is the same (I was going to use yellow (yellow) but you can see the problem with using yellow. And of course, red will be the color I use when I gain weight from the previous day.)

Food Today: banana(150)--yogurt(100)--Sugar Babies(75)--yogurt(100)--Sugar Babies(150)--2 ham and cheese sandwiches(700)--some small snacks, I can't remember what--orange(150)--2 lean pockets(520) = I'm going to guess around 2,200 calories.

Activity Today: Walked 60 minutes. It's not so bad once you get out the door and start moving.

Thought: Yesterday was the kind of day that I need to have each and every day. In the past I've looked at exercise as the thing that I do if I can find the time. I need to start looking at exercise as the thing that I do first, and then I see what else I can do with my remaining time. At the moment, walking needs to be my choice of exercise. I would prefer jogging or even a brisk few games of racquetball and it's possible that those will be my future choices. The reality is that my body can't handle that much stress as a daily routine. I need to walk, maybe even walk in multiple segments, becaused that's the safest route to allowing myself to exercise every day of the week.

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