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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

June 10, 2008 -- 222 Pounds

It's Tuesday and I needed to get a run in either yesterday or today. Last night I set my alarm for 4:15 this morning, and then I set it back to 5:45 so it looks like this evening it will be 4 miles in 90 degree heat. With so much stuff coming up, I just didn't think that I could get away with such an early morning today and Thursday. Plus, I got out of bed last night because I had something on my mind that wasn't going to let me sleep. I pushed it out of my mind and into a blog post, one that I have dated for this Friday so I don't know if anyone will actually see it. I may delete it before Friday or I may post it and never follow through with changes in my life that are almost becoming a necessity.

That sounds a little sinister and it's not. I need to find a way to get more time for me, more time to exercise, to spend time with friends, to relax. Anyone who has been reading my blog knows that my life is spinning out of control and there's one element that is behind it all. Can I walk away from that and get on with my life? I don't know. Can I enjoy my life if I don't walk away? I'm starting to wonder about that as well. Would it be so bad if I put my effort in life 100% into me for a while? Maybe not 100%, but 75%--we might be about to find out.

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