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Friday, June 13, 2008

June 13, 2008 -- 224 Pounds

I thought that Friday the 13th had started out unlucky when I got on the scales early this morning and saw 224 pounds. Then I remembered Thursday evening and the 224 wasn't because of any bad luck.

I rode with my friends Janet and Gordon to Vicksburg yesterday for the book signing of a quilting book about the life and quilts of Gordon's mother. Martha, Gordon's mother, has had real health problems lately but she made it through most of the festivities before leaving a little early because of fatigue. It was very good to see her again--I have always enjoyed the time I've spent with her. The book signing had a buffet line and we were there a long time. After the book signing there was a stop at the pizza place. I wasn't going to eat but Janet insisted that she was only going to eat 2 of the 4 pieces on her half of the pizza. I think you can see why the scale showed 224 this morning.

Posting on the blog will be hit and miss for the next week. I'm taking photos at Jubilee Jam this evening and tomorrow. That will be hectic to say the least with a schedule of 6 to midnight this evening and then 3 till midnight on Saturday--or until my back, hip, and mind totally give out. After that it is the long drive to Pickwick Lake in the distant northeast corner of Mississippi for the reunion of the old neighborhood gang. I'm afraid that Davis, the event organizer, is going to want to be go-go-go on activities up there and my body will be saying stop-stop-stop.

Between eating to keep going during the Jam and eating and drinking at the reunion, I won't be surprised if I come back at 230 for Wednesday's weigh-in. Then it's the trip to Dallas, the Strong Family reunion, and who knows what. Dieting has a lot of roadblocks, especially if you are 100% mentally committed to the endeavor--and I'm guilty of that as of late.


  1. Hey Frank! Been away awhile and really did some damage with the whole weight gaining. In my efforts many months ago, I had went from 255 down 210. Well just last month I let myself get up to 240! I was having flashbacks of the disgust that got me motivated to begin with. I did try to rekindle some dieting during these past few months but I really think you have one golden moment for rapid loss. At first I didn't think it was rapid but it's not coming off like it did before by any means. I hired a trainer and they're not cheap but it did the trick for getting me stared agian. I''ll be posting again so I'll see you around!

  2. Todd--I missed your comment for a few days. We seem to be on the same path--great results, a gradual slide back, and then a more difficult journey a head. I'm glad to hear that you are heading back in the right direction. Maybe that will help motivate me to start making a serious effort once again. Good luck. Frank.