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Saturday, June 21, 2008

June 21, 2008 -- 223 Pounds

While it's nice that most of the weight has dropped off from the recent days of photography and the neighborhood reunion, the reality is that I'm still way too heavy. Since I don't have a hit counter of any type on this particular blog, I have no idea who or if anyone is reading. Therefore, it was a nice surprise to have a comment from Todd back on the June 13th post.

Unfortunately, Todd and I have continued to travel on parallel paths. We each started a blog in early 2006 where we focus on the number of calories we consumed each day. Todd was a little more diligent on keeping up with the details of the food he ate, and he was far more diligent in exercising to go along with dieting. We both had very good success. Now we both have drifted back close to our starting points of 2006 and we are finding it hard to recreate the success we had back then.

I don't know about Todd, but my problem is that I've had trouble recreating the success because I've had trouble finding the motivation to stay as dedicated as I was in 2006. Back then it was a rarity for me to go over 2,000 calories a day, even if there was some special event in the day that involved food. Now it is a rarity for me to stay under 2,000 calories. While I do think that my body has become a little more resistant to adjusting the setpoint downward, I certainly have been guilty of not doing the things that will force my body to adjust. That has to change.

Todd, I'm going to assume that you are out there keeping up with my progress periodically. At my current 223 pounds, I'm 33 pounds over the setpoint that I landed on in mid-2006. I know I can get back to that just as I know you can get down to the lower 200's. I'd like to get there by the end of September, about 100 days from now, and maybe we can motivate each other to stay on track once again. Once I get to that 190, I can think about pushing onward and dropping down just a little more, but the key for me now is to get myself back to the level of success that I once had.

Food list: banana--apple--apple--soup(300 calories)--popcorn(250)--frozen pizza(700) = 1,700 calories or less.

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