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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

June 25, 2008 -- 220 Pounds

So far in June I've had only 2 weigh-ins lower than this morning, a 219.5 and 219 pound showing in the first 2 weeks of the month. It is clear that I had gotten to the point where the 220's had become my normal weight range. In other words, I had basically lost all of the positives from 2006 and 2007--not that there were really any positives in 2007 since it was a year of slow slippage back to the current point.

I think there is a saying about people how some people have to get rich twice. The first time they get rich they don't know how to manage that success and they blow their wealth, so they have to get rich a second time and then they learn from their first mistakes. Maybe there isn't a saying about that, but I have no reason to doubt that I can get back to 190 pounds and below and I'm hoping that this time I won't allow the slow creep back to obesity. It will help if I don't let life swamp me--it will help if I don't take the Millsaps photos this year.

If you read the main blog, then you can read between the lines and see that I know in my conscious mind that my life would be better if I don't donate all of that time and energy to Millsaps this year, but my subconscious is having trouble letting go of the project. It is a very positive thing for the kids, for Millsaps, and even for myself to a great extent. The problem is that it is just too big. The compromise would be that I cut back, a plan that sounds good on paper but one that we all know I would have trouble executing. How can I stop shooting when the next game may include the biggest play of a kids career. Or maybe the next play will be voted as the nations number 1 play of the year. I have no doubts that I will be overwhelmed if I start the project up again, and while that would take away any chance of making money with my photography, my greater fear is the damage that it would do to my life and health in general. I can't keep killing myself in small pieces.

Food today: yogurt(100)--bagel(290)--cereal bar(160)--Burger King(700)--cereal bar(160) = subtotal of 1,410 calories (not good with the Wed. night get together coming up)--from this point on it didn't get any better except that we really had a good time at Nick's and I'm glad I didn't worry too much about anything except having a good time with friends.


  1. I heard somewhere that the true definition of happiness is finishing what you start. I also believe that starting a project with full aspirations can really wear on yourself when you can't physically or mentally contribute the potential that you'd like. I couldn't begin to name all of the things that I wanted to do, or directions where I wanted to go, when I knew that I couldn't give what I needed to consider it finished. Especially projects where I may be the best suited person by skill set to do it but really that just puts added pressure on delivering. I get much more out of finishing and receiving closure than I do being involved in a little bit of everything. That may be the fine line between professionalism and amaturity.

  2. Multi-tasking has been such a buzz word in recent years like it is some sort of positive thing to do. I find that too much multi-tasking results in a poor or average result across the board. Like everything else in life, there is a balance that we need to find in how many tasks we take on at the same time. Take on too few tasks and we end up neglecting important areas in our life. Take on too many tasks and we end up with a lot of halfway done projects. It takes focus and self-descipline to find that right balance.