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Friday, June 27, 2008

June 27, 2008 -- 220.5 Pounds

I've learned to never make a big deal over any particular weigh-in, but this one is somewhat interesting. I did walk 4 miles with Boty in the morning, a good deed that was offset by a trip to Wendy's for both lunch and supper and of course a few too many cereal bars throughout the day. I can't tell you how many cereal bars because somehow I "lost count", something that should be impossible if I'm operating under the plan that I can't eat any food unless I have already written it down on my food list. I would have no problem losing down to 190 pounds if I would just follow that one simple rule--and I tend to break that rule consistently because I would rather have those moments of pleasure throughout the day instead of getting this weight off.

It's odd that my post has completely switched tracks since I started typing a few minutes ago. I was going to say that maybe my set point is down to about 220 since I dropped to 220.5 even though I didn't really diet yesterday. That point is really insignificant now. What is really significant is the realization that without a doubt, the biggest difference between my days of success and these recent days of stagnation and failure is that food list. When I lost weight with ease, I really did stick to that simple rule of having to write down on my list any foods that I was going to eat--now the policy is that I try to remember what I've eaten and I'll write it down later in the day. There's a world of difference between those two methods.

My goal for now is to get back to the very easy and very difficult plan of writing down everything I eat before I actually eat it. The easy part is pulling out a notepad and taking 15 seconds to write down the item. The very difficult part is being forced to be accountable. It's all about being accountable.

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  1. Set point or not, you have a very successful trend going there!

  2. Todd, over the last few months I have been close to getting over the hump and putting a successful weight loss program back together, but each time I have fallen short.

    Your recent posts have really been the kick-in-the-ass that I've needed to get over the hump. It is just such a solid reminder that I have done this, I can do this, and I need to do this. Thanks for that reminder and let's both be successful together once again.

    Frank (PS--I still listen to the Dragline music and I still think it's great--American Dream is very timely with the election nearing.)