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Sunday, June 29, 2008

June 29, 2008 -- 219 Pounds

Only the third time in June that I've been below 220 pounds, and the other two times in early June came after I had been jogging the evening before. Obviously, this is a positive sign since today's weigh-in came after a day of total inactivity (not that a day of total inactivity is a good thing, but I think you get my point).

I need to get to 190 pounds. That's not the number I want as my final stopping point, but it seems to be a number I can reach by simply being more aware and accountable regarding the foods that I eat. This time when I reach 190 pounds, then I'll need to add on the exercise programs if they aren't already in place. That seems to be the one thing that was missing last time when I hit the weight loss wall last time.

So, I still have 29 pounds to go to reach 190 pounds. It is both a lot and not much. It helps that the number of pounds to lose doesn't begin with a "3" and I hope I don't fall back into that category over the next couple of days. It will also help to remember what happened to me last time when I was at this point and then I lost some weight. Back when I started losing weight the first time, I noticed that just 10 pounds lost improved my balance by a remarkable degree. On the tennis court, just 10-20 pounds lost made such a big difference that I had to retrain my mind to go after balls that were reachable then after being unreachable when I was 225-230 pounds. This improved quickness wasn't something I just imagined, it was noticed by all the others in my tennis group.

Another big plus is that at 190 pounds, I'll look better and therefore I'll feel better about myself. Let's not get hung up on political correctness here, we all know that people feel better when they look better and we all look better when we aren't carrying around an inner tube of fat around the mid-section. There are major connections in all of us between our mental side and our physical side. Right now my mental state is way up because I'm excited about my photography, and this excitement is bleeding over into helping me stick with my diet as part of a big package of self-improvement. When I get mentally tired and worn down, it is very hard for me to stick with the steps needed to take care of myself physically. And while it hasn't been the case lately, I know from many years ago in my past that when I'm in good physical shape, it help on the mental and emotional well being side of my life.

I guess I should mention that better health is a big plus of getting to 190 pounds. The problem is that these long term benefits do so little in the field of motivation. I believe I recently wrote about a study that measure brainwave activity under various situations. When there was the possibility of a short-term treat, like a bowl of ice cream, the pleasure centers of the brain went wild in anticipation. The concept of any long-term positive, like improved health or more years at the end of your life, hardly produced a reaction. The biggest gain from my losses will be in the area of health, but ironically these are the potential gains that seem to provide the least motivation.

By the way, here's my food list from yesterday: popcorn(250)--Wendy's(680)--beer(150)--popcorn(250)--popcorn(250)--banana(150)--lt beer(100) = 1,830 calories (outside of the low calorie count, my poor food choices make my food list a little embarrassing to report).


  1. Grats on the teens! I can't wait once I get back there. Man, I was carrying some groceries the other day and I had this 10lb bag of cat litter. Because of this disease I seem to have where I have to architect carrying every bag from the car to my place in one trip, that litter ended up being strapped on my back. I still remember taking it off to set it down and it made a rediculous difference in balance, weight, agility, etc. You name it.

  2. Thanks! I bet you do the same thing I do when carrying items from the store. Two 12-packs of diet sodas is about 18 pounds and one can really feel the added work loaded when carrying them up a flight of stairs--I always point out to myself that if 18 pounds more is a burden, 18 pounds less would be a blessing (I have gone back to the soda which is probably why I didn't hit 250 pounds during my free fall). The real kicker is when I carry a 50-pound bag of bird seed up those steps and I remind myself that this is the difference between 225 and 175, a weight I held for quite a while even when my main soccer and running days were over.