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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

June 3, 2008 -- 222.5 Pounds

The idea of not listing my food to actually keep from eating too much food was a good idea--for about 3 days. After that my supercharged motivation waned and I slipped back into eating for just about every reason except hunger. I rarely eat because of hunger since I use all of these other triggers for food consumption before I ever get to the hunger stage.

Mother gave me a batch of photos yesterday from the wedding in mid-May. I'm fat. I'm a good person, in fact I think I'm a wonderful person, so the viewpoint of "I'm fat" is only a negative in the sense that I'm not nearly as healthy as I need to be. It's a shame that talking about being overweight takes on the connotation that you are saying something negative about a person in general instead of their health in specific. My weight is a health issues, just as my cholesterol level was a health issue, just as my poor eyesight is an issue, just as my needing to floss my teeth more is an issue. I've got to do something to get myself more fit.

A good start would be to get back to eating only out of hunger. That would be a good goal for today--you would think that an intelligent, motivated individual could do that. We'll see.

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