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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

June 4, 2008 -- 219.5 Pounds

Sweating up a storm with an evening jog sure helps the weigh-in the following morning. The mark I need to see is 215 pounds. That mark will convince me that the jogging is starting to have an effect on lowering my setpoint and therefore my weight.

I've started thinking about the possibility of rejoining the YMCA. There is a new branch that is close to my house and on the route between my duplex and work. With the weather so hot right now and for the next 4 months, it is hard to fit in an outdoor workout and then cool off. The workout outdoors isn't the bad part, it's the cooling off afterwards. Since my duplex has almost zero insulation, I don't try to keep it cool during the entire day or throughout the entire duplex. I'd be paying more for electricity than rent if I tried that. Coming back to this warm atmosphere makes it tough to cool down in a hurry, a real problem if I want to jog in the morning because I have to cool down in time to be at work by 7. It would be a lot easier to get in my exercise if I was doing it on an aerobics machine inside in the air conditioning.

As for paying for this new expense, how about me giving up the diet sodas again? That would pay for a gym membership and a whole new set of workout clothes (we do want to be fashionable, don't we).

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