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Saturday, June 7, 2008

June 7, 2008 -- 224 Pounds

I'm going out jogging right after I make this post. Since things aren't going well on the food cutback side of the equation, I wish I could bump things up in the area of exercise. Unfortunately, my body is taking time to adjust to the rigors of jogging and 3 outings a week is about all that I can do at the moment. I've been sore every morning since I started jogging again. To be honest, I was often sore in the morning prior to getting back into jogging and maybe I'll wake up sore or at least feeling stiff for the rest of my life.

The good news is that the degree of soreness has diminished somewhat. I'll start out this morning with a bit of a limp created by my right hip and maybe slight lean to relieve my bad back, but things might straighten out after a couple of miles. I have hopes that I'll do more jogging and less walking than in the past, and maybe I'll pick up the pace on the walking part. If I can do that, then finishing the 4 miles under 52 minutes is a possibility. For now, I'll take that slowpoke pace and be glad since it would be a sign of improvement. Rome wasn't built in a day and me getting back to a decent level of fitness is a task that is almost that big.

Jogging update: The nice thing about being pathetic is that it doesn't take much to have a breakthrough achievement. I made it though the 4-mile course this morning in 49:13, by and far my best effort of this latest comeback. What this mostly means is that I was walking less and jogging more. The math on this is fairly simple: I walk at a pace of 16-17 minutes/mile and I jog at a 10-11 minutes/mile pace. At the moment, I will go faster if I jog slower since jogging slower allows me to cut down on the walking.

I'm hoping this lowering of time will continue and I'm encouraged by the last two miles. Mile 3 is the easiest mile on the course and I jogged it non-stop in 10 minutes today. That's followed by a brutal mile 4 which goes up the big hill on Old Canton Road and then up Duling to the Pix theatre, and fortunately ends with a short downhill stretch to my duplex. Even with several walking stretches, I did that in 12:40, so I was under 23 minutes for the last 2 miles. I realize that in the late 70's and early 80's I ran the entire course in under 28 minutes on many occasions, so 23 minutes for 2 miles is pitiful by historical standards. Unfortunately, I will no longer threaten the 28 minute mark for this course, but I see the possibility of 36 minutes before the end of the year if I'll just keep on working.

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