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Thursday, July 17, 2008

July 17, 2008 -- 222.5 Pounds (47.5 Pounds to Go)

Yesterday's Food: yogurt(100)--cereal bar(160)--hot pockets(600)--cereal bar(160)--cereal bar(160)--yogurt(100)--popcorn(250)--2 light beers(200)--Wendy's Jr. Cheeseburger Deluxe(350) and small fries(350) = 2,430 calories.

Okay, let's analyze the food choices from yesterday. We'll start with the fruits and vegetables. There was a tiny amount of fruit in the yogurt and some lettuce and tomato on the cheeseburger. Oh yeah, I'm sure there were some hops and barley in the beer and popcorn sounds like it should definitely be in the vegetable group.

When a person has to search that hard to find some fruits and vegetables, there's something wrong with their diet. I need to work on this but the above is fairly close to how I've always eaten except that normally I would have far more calories from far more junk. I do take vitamins every day to fill in for the gaps created by my food choices. It's not the ideal situation, but it's where I am at the moment.

Since this was a Wednesday food list and I did go to the bar to meet the guys, staying under 2,500 calories was a fairly good effort. It could have been and should have been better. I should have done 1 hot pocket and a yogurt for lunch and then I could have repeated that in the afternoon. That might have eliminated both of the afternoon cereal bars. The popcorn in the afternoon was okay since it was designed to keep me away from the bowl of nuts at the bar. Maybe I need to look into those bags of popcorn that only have 100 calories or I should invest in a bowl with a lid so I can eat some popcorn and save the rest for later. As for the Wendy's, that's okay because I like to eat a decent amount after drinking a couple of beers.

All in all, the 2,430 calories was okay, but it would have been easy to get under 2,000 calories. This seems to be the struggle I have to face, being dedicated enough to shave off those 500 calories that make the difference between an okay day and a very good day. I can do this--I will do this.

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