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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

July 29, 2008 -- 222.5 Pounds (47.5 Pounds to Go)

I didn't keep an exact food list yesterday so here's a list that might be too high, but certainly isn't too low:

6 cereal bars(960 calories, may have been only 5 but I going for my maximum calories)--1 yogurt(100)--2 frozen dinner entrees(610)--3 slices of a large pizza at Pizza Hut(1,000 or lower) = a maximum of 2,670 calories = about the number of calories I should eat to maintain my current weight.

I think you can see my frustration. I can get close to the 220 mark if I'll get out and walk and if I keep the calories down around 2,000 per day, but as soon as I slip up just a little, the weight jumps back on. Yesterday wasn't a bad day, certainly not like what I'm capable of if we have a birthday party at work and not like a Wednesday night with beers, peanuts, and then a full combo meal at Wendy's. It wasn't a bad day and my weight went up by 1.5 pounds, pushing me days away from any hope of getting below 220 pounds. I am getting very frustrated.

And yet, what else can I do but continue to try. I feel certain that going back to eating 2,500 to 2,800 calories a day would quickly get my weight to 225 and then my body would pack on at least 3 pounds more for needed reserves. My body sure seems to like 225 a heck of a lot better than 219. If anyone is reading this then let me give you the best advice that I can and you will regret it if you fail to follow this advice:

Losing weight the first time is easy compared to trying to lose it again. If you stick with a diet and are able to lose a significant amount of weight, DO NOT fall into the trap of slowly letting the weight creep back. You may think that you can lose it all a second time, but you are going to find that the body is not so willing to change when you start that second diet. Don't let success slip away like I did because it will be far harder to repeat than you might think.

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