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Thursday, July 31, 2008

July 31, 2008 -- 220.5 Pounds (45.5 Pounds to Go)

Food Yesterday: I was at 1,300 prior to Nick's (620 for hot pockets, 480 for cereal bars, and 200 for yogurt). Then I added 3 light beers(300) and an unknown amount of calories from nuts. The good news is that I did not go to Wendy's afterwards, opting instead for a can of pineapple slices(300). That gives up a known count of 1,900 calories and then the unknown calories from nuts. Not too bad for a Wednesday.

Rusty, thanks for yesterday's comment. I also talked to Boty on the phone last night and he gave me encouragement to eat a little better, pointing out that popcorn and cereal bars are not 2 of the building blocks of the pyramid of healthy eating. I know that is true and I do recognize the need to move towards healthier eating.

After getting a little frustrated the other day, I actually feel really good about my dieting at the moment. There are a lot of things that I can do better, things that will create improvements in my life prior to any major weight loss. The getting out and walking has been nice and I will enjoy the added exercise once it becomes a habit. The eating better is something that should help me a lot in day to day living. That's actually harder to do than the exercise because so much of my eating is from convenience. It sure is nice to just open a packaged cereal bar or to throw something in the microwave for a few minutes. I need to start eating more like a responsible adult.

For now, I need to close this post and go meet Boty for 4 miles of walking. Please feel free to share your struggles, offer your encouragement, point out stories from the news, etc. I'm feeling pretty good about my dieting right now, like a breakthrough in on the horizon, and comments are something that help me keep that momentum.

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