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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

July 9, 2008 -- 220.5 Pounds

What the last few days has proven is that my setpoint is down around 220 pounds and that's the weight my body is going to try and get to at the moment. I'll confess that the drop in weight over the last few days isn't due to any vigorous exercise or cut back in eating on my part.

It's an odd thing, but it doesn't take much to throw me off a routine. I'm still adjusting back to my normal routine after the trip to Dallas. Of course, not having my PC at home might be considered a major thing that has kept me off my routine. I'm on the computer and internet all the time with my photos and blogs and this having to come to work early or stay late has got me out of sync. If you've read my "Slice of Frank's Life" blog, then you know that I have now gone from a virus on my PC to a Windows system error. Hopefully the virus is fixed and maybe the system error is connected to fixing the virus problem, but the bottom line is that I continue to have a home PC that is unusable. Maybe today is the day that we get everything straightened out or it will be the day that we reformat the hard drive and start from scratch. I have been able to get my photos off of the machine and I think I'll be able to save all of my other data.

You probably noticed on the news yesterday the story about keeping a simple food journal as a key to losing more weight. Did we really need a study to prove what I and many others have said for a long time? I thought it was interesting that they said it didn't have to be elaborate. Something as simple as keeping a list on a post-it note would do. That seems to be a change from the more complicated food journals where you keep up with food, feelings, times, etc. Of course, knowing that a food journal helps tremendously and keeping a food journal are two separate things--for some reason I am still having trouble with consistently keeping a journal. Maybe I need to go to a psychiatrist to find out the reason for that, plus the reason for other oddities in my life.

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