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Friday, August 22, 2008

August 22, 2008 -- 219 Pounds (44 Pounds to Go)

Food yesterday: I can give you the food items without being able to give a calorie count. There was a yogurt in the morning and 2 popcorns and 2 pineapples spread out over the afternoon and evening. In between those was a piece of coconut cake and a plate lunch that might not have been too bad--beef, potatoes and gravy, green beans, salad, and a small roll plus a piece of cornbread that I probably should have skipped. It wasn't a bad day for a non-dieting person, which of course makes it a poor day for a person on a diet.

Todd left a post yesterday about being on a plateau for so long. It really was a struggle to get below 220 pounds and there's no guarantee that I've left that mark behind considering the weigh-ins of the last 2 days. I've gone back and looked at all of my posts since July 14th and I've rated them as Very Good, Good, Average, Poor and Very Poor. These grades are not as clearly defined as the grading scale in a school. They are somewhat a combination of the reality of the day and how I feel about the day. For example, the reality of yesterday would make it a very poor dieting day. I only marked it down as a poor because for a day when I was meeting someone for lunch, I didn't do too bad in my food selection.

If you look over to the left you will see a section for "Labels". This gives a running total of how my dieting days have gone since July 14th. It is a fairly spotty performance. In fairness to myself, at one point I thought that anything below 2,000 calories was a good day and in going back I only gave some of these a score of "Average". That might lower the curve a little, but it doesn't change the fact that since starting this system I have had to give myself a score of "Very Poor" on Wednesday and "Poor" yesterday. That's not going to help in any efforts to drop the weight.

Now, with all that being said, I can get back to Todd's comment. I also thought I was stuck on the longest of plateaus with my body simply refusing to go beneath that 220 pound level. As I go back and look at the overall effort that I've put into the first 5 weeks, I can see that my choices had a lot to do with failing to go any lower. I wasn't cutting back enough on what I thought were my good days and I was sending mixed signals to my body with too many bad days. It's amazing how we all seem to be capable of thinking that we are doing pretty good on our dieting when in reality we aren't. I fooled myself while keeping a blog and a food journal. Just think how easy it is for other people to fool themselves when they aren't doing things to keep up with what they actually eat in a day, week, month or year.

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