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Sunday, August 24, 2008

August 24, 2008 -- 216.5 Pounds (41.5 Pounds to Go)

Food Yesterday: pineapple(300)--Wendy's(700)--lt beer(100)--soup(380)--popcorn(200)--popcorn(200) = 1,880 calories

Today's weigh-in is a little hard to gauge. I did a 4-mile jog/walk yesterday afternoon and that certainly is a factor in today's low weight. A factor in the other direction is that I stayed up late yesterday to watch some of the Men's Olympic basketball game and that means that I was eating and drinking fluids till past midnight, a factor in adding to my weigh-in since I got up at 6 this morning.

We'll see what today brings in the way of my dieting and what tomorrow morning brings when I weigh once again. I recognize the possibility that I may have seen the 220 pound level for the last time and that would be a very good thing. Of course, I thought I had left that level forever back a couple of years ago when I was so successful with my diet. It was such a mistake to regain all of the weight that I lost back then, a mistake that will be very valuable if I learn from it this time. My diet is one that will never end if I want to lose weight and keep it off permanantly.

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