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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

August 26, 2008 -- 218 Pounds (43 Pounds to Go)

Food List: I kept my list and then I lost it. The work day part was about the same as usual and I was at 1,060 when I left for home. I added 700 calories for 2 hot pockets and then 300 calories for pineapple, a total of 2,060 for the day.

I only have a minute because I'm already at work. I'm becoming more and more convinced that the only solution to the obesity problem in America will be through drugs or genetic modification. Drugs are the more likely first approach, but the genetics will be part of our future. I don't think dieting will be the widespread solution because it is just too difficult for most. It sure as heck is difficult for me.

I've discovered that 2,000 calories a day is plenty to keep away hunger. The problem is that 2,000 calories doesn't fit into the normal lifestyle and what most people think of as normal eating. If you go to a restaurant, even careful eating will usually put you over 1,000 calories for a meal. If friends have you over for supper, you're lucky to get away at under 1,000 calories. If you drink fluids with calories during the day, then staying under 2,000 calories is very difficult.

The obviously flip side to this is to be active enough so that you can eat more than 2,000 calories. It's hard to do, especially for those who are already obese. I have a desk job that doesn't burn many calories during the day. I already have trouble finding time for all that I would like to do which makes it hard to find the time to prepare to exercise, exercise, and then cool off and clean up after exercising.

Oh well. Losing weight and keeping off is hard, just as life is often hard. The fact that it is difficult doesn't mean that it can't be done or that it doesn't need to be done. I plan on continuing to push on.

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