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Saturday, August 30, 2008

August 30, 2008 -- 216 Pounds (41 Pounds to Go)

Food Yesterday: I don't have an exact list but it was the usual combination of yogurt, crackers, pineapples, hot pockets, popcorn plus a could of light beers that added up to right around 2,000 calories.

While the food yesterday was routine, one thing that wasn't routine is that I walked in the neighborhood for an hour yesterday. It's really not so bad once I get out the door and start moving.

I need to change my outlook on walking, rewire my mind to realize that walking is not some unpleasant task that I should do but it is actually a secret weapon that I can use to turn the tide in this battle against my excessive weight. It's that little extra that I need to turn my ordinary results into extraordinary results.

This 216 pounds is the lowest I've weighed since trying to get really serious back in mid-July. Out of curiosity, I went back and looked at how it compared over the entire history of the blog, going back to the first post made November 26, 2007. On that first day of the blog I weighed in at 225, the same as my starting point in mid-July. My guess is that I was disgusted by eating too much at Thanksgiving and determined not to gain another 10 pounds in that deadly stretch between our two most food oriented holidays.

It looks like I succeeded in getting to Christmas without gaining any weight. After that I had some spotty results in January and February of 2008 with my weight actually getting as low as 214.5 pounds. The backslide started once again in March, not surprising since that would be the transition between the managable basketball season to the hectic photographing of the Millsaps spring sports of baseball, softball and tennis.

I need to remember this history. I've made the trek from 225 to 215 within the past year, only to give it all back again. I can't be satisfied with this level and I can't stop to rest. I have to be detemined to never reach the 220's again for the rest of my life. About a month from now I need to be writing that I have to be determined to never reach the 210's again for the rest of my life. And by the time I go back to Dallas to visit at Halloween, I would really like to be at a point where I can be determined that I'll never again go over 200 pounds in my lifetime. For this all to happen, walking has to be my secret weapon to go along with a slightly improved eating plan. I can do this--I will do this!

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