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Thursday, August 7, 2008

August 7, 2008 -- 221.5 Pounds (46.5 Pounds to Go)

Wednesday was one of those days that started out poorly at work, a minor crisis that could have become a major crisis, and it led to a day when no real food was consumed--plenty of cereal bars, some yogurt, beer and nuts at the bar, and some popcorn at home. Fortunately, all worked out okay in the end in regards to the mini-crisis, something that concerned me far more than one day of my diet.

I'm writing this Wednesday evening so I have no idea of what tomorrow's weigh-in will be when I get up at 4:30 to go jogging. One good thing about Wednesday is that I made a huge dent in my existing supply of cereal bars. I'm down to a handful and I may go ahead a eat all of those tomorrow just to get rid of them. After that, I'll have to once again establish a ban on cereal bars. I've been through this before, buying cereal bars as a nice treat to have between meals and then they become all that I want to eat. It seems that this is one product where I have enough willpower to refrain from buying them at the store, and I don't have enough willpower to eat them responsibility if they are sitting in a storage box in the office break room.

This weekend I need to take a look at changes I can make in my eating habits that will be better for the weight loss and better for me in general. I'm sure I can come up with some major changes that still fit into my lifestyle. In the meantime, I need two days under 2,000 calories to close this week.

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  1. Hey Frank! You know I was a huge cereal bar advocate. I swear it seems they have something in them that induces plateaus. Every time I start consuming more than one per day, my number seem not to budge.