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Friday, August 8, 2008

August 8, 2008 -- 220.5 Pounds (45.5 Pounds to Go)

I don't know about the food yesterday. I ate the rest of the cereal bars which is not as bad as it sounds because I was down to 4 left. I ate at Wendy's and got a medium Frosty because I was so tired yesterday. As for supper, I managed to eat some popcorn while reading the newspaper and trying to watch the news. I made it to the beginning of the local news before deciding to go to bed. I was so exhausted, probably an accumulation of things topped off by getting up at 4:20 Thursday morning to go walking.

The good news is that I got in between 10-11 hours of sleep last night. I feel much better at the moment, a feeling that I hope will extend throughout the day. As mentioned above, the cereal bars are gone. They won't be replaced with more from the store. Now the big question is the diet drinks. I'm definitely under a 2-day supply and I thinking about going cold turkey on those. Diet drinks really help me when it comes to keeping my calorie count down, but maybe a nice glass of cold water would do just the same. I tried cutting out the sodas at one point within the last year and I was okay with it, and I definitely was able to sleep better. Unfortunately, it was also at a time when I wasn't focused on dieting so I gained weight. I believe I can cut out the sodas and keep down the calories this time. Maybe that's the jump start that my diet needs.

Todd, I'm glad to know that someone else has had cereal bar problems. I least I know there aren't just problematic for me. The first time I had to go cold turkey on cereal bars was when I kept boxes of them at work and at home. It got to the point where my favorite supper was a box of yogurt covered banana nut cereal bars. Oh baby, those are good. This last time I knew to keep the cereal bars out of my home and that helped a lot with the addiction. Or at least it helped slow down the spread of the addiction. I have a feeling that I'll need to ban cereal bars for life if I want to lose weight AND keep it off.

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