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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

September 10, 2008 -- 216 Pounds (41 Pounds to Go)

Yesterday gets and "Average" score as a compromise between a "Very Good" and a "Very Bad". We had a luncheon for a co-worker who is leaving for another job and there was a festival of covered dishes to go along with sandwiches from a local deli. I'm guess there were 10 different kinds of desserts and I must have sampled at least 5 over the course of the day. While it was an unusual day and in most cases I won't be surrounded by so much temptation, it still shows the slippage I'm having on eating less and eating better. I either need to do better on my choices or I need to go back to the food list.

On the good side, I walked over 6 miles yesterday. There were the 2 miles in the morning and in the evening I walked from my duplex to Mother's house, from there to Millsaps for a volleyball game, and then I took the slightly longer route home from Millsaps back to the duplex. I feel pretty good Wednesday morning after all that walking, but as a precaution I skipped the two mile walk this morning. I don't want over enthusiasm to kill my consistency as it did in the past when I tried to jog too far and then would have to recover with 3-4 days of no exercise.

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