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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

September 2, 2008 -- 217.5 Pounds (42.5 Pounds to Go)

Food Yesterday: Just like all the other days over this long weekend with small snacks throughout the day that added up to no more than 2,000 calories.

I somewhat snacked my way through the weekend without bothering to keep up with how many bags of popcorn or cans of pineapple went into the mix. What didn't go into the mix was a trip to Wendy's or anything that fell into the candy category. That is quite a change, especially the part about the candy. There must have been about a half dozen times when I was in a store and I strongly weighed the pros and cons of just one little old Milky Way or even a big old tub of ice cream, and each time I was able to overcome the temptation. The odds of that happening in the past would have been no better than flipping a coin 6 times and having it come up heads each time.

I've gotten my set point down to the 217-218 range and it has stayed at this point for about a week. It's time for another push so I want to limit myself to 1,600 calories or less each day this week. That doesn't leave much room for extras. At first I thought about setting the limit at 1,500 calories per day and then I decided that was too difficult. I know an extra 100 calories doesn't sound like much, but I've learned from experience that this little bit extra will often mean the difference between going to bed hungry or not.

To go along with this calorie limit, I need to find 30 minutes of exercise each day. It can be walking sometime during my lunch hour or time spent on a small stair-stepper device that I have at home, but it has to be something. I believe the lower calories and the added exercise will have me below 215 pounds by September 10th, hopefully closer to 214 pounds. I need to keep making these small drops and before long they will all add up to a very big drop. Just remember, the longest journey beginnings with a few small steps.

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