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Thursday, September 25, 2008

September 25, 2008 -- 218.5 Pounds (43.5 Pounds to Go)

Just about every work day starts off with the same routine. My alarm clock goes off way too early. I get out of bed to turn it off because the alarm clock is wisely situated on my desk so I have to get out of the bed to turn it off. I then sit back down on the edge of the bed so I can contemplate the fact that it is way too early to get up for anything. At this point, as an almost reflex action since I'm thinking about needing to do my weigh-in, I'll reach down and grab a hand full of the roll of fat around my waist. And in my second reflex reaction of the day, I think, "This is insane to carry around so much useless weight--I really have to get serious about my diet."

If only that moment of clarity would stick with me for the next 16-18 hours. It is insane to carry around 40 extra pounds of weight every day. Who would do such a thing? How many of you would carry around a suitcase packed full of clothes all day for no good reason at all? Would you carry around 4 or 5 12-packs of soft drinks all day even if you weren't planning to drink any? How about carrying 4 big bags of ice? At least with the ice your burden would get lighter as the day went on.

It is truly insane to continue to carry this extra weight and for all of us who are obese, the question is simple. Are we going to continue with this insanity for the rest of our life or will we every live a life where we are free of this needless burden? If we think we'll get freedom someday, why not start now instead of waiting till some unforeseen "right time" in the future to start working on the problem.

It is all so very clear about what needs to be done and the path to success is not that hard to understand. The question that is hard to understand is why I'm so reluctant to get on that path and stick with it until I get to the journey's end. It's a trip that I have to travel someday and the rewards are greater if I start now instead of putting it off until the imaginary "right time".

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