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Monday, September 8, 2008

September 8, 2008 -- 215.5 Pounds (40.5 Pounds to Go)

I used my time at Millsaps this past weekend to get in some walking. Friday, I walked 30-40 minutes on a practice field when the start of a soccer game was delayed. Saturday, I walked up to the campus from my house for the football game. And Sunday, I drove up to campus and then walked about 35 minutes before a soccer game and another 15 minutes at halftime. This walking along with reasonable eating seems to be making a difference.

The success of the walking gave me a great idea when I was driving home Sunday after the soccer game. When I got to my house I kept going, measuring off a 2-mile walking course that starts and ends at the duplex. As you all have seen with my food journals, I seem to be comfortable with repetition. I have a 4-mile course that I've run in this neighborhood since I first moved into Fondren in the late 1970's. That's 30 years ago and once I established a running course that I liked, I never really bothered to come up with others routes for variety. Well now I have a 2-mile walking course that I can finish in about 34 minutes. That means that I can get up at 5 each morning, walk the course, have a little time to cool off before I shower, and easily get to work on time. This seems like a routine that I could do just about every day of the week and I think it will do wonders for my weight loss.

Just for the record, the weight you will see each morning will be the pre-walk weight. I'm sure that I would have been under the 215 mark if I had weighed after walking, but that would have been cheating. If I keep doing the walking, the 215 mark could soon be a thing of the distant past.

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