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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

September 9, 2008 -- 216 Pounds (41 Pounds to Go)

Without the food list there isn't much to write about each day. Yesterday was the first day that I thought I went overboard with my eating, partially or mostly because I wasn't keeping the food list. It's not the meals that seem to get me in trouble, it's the grazing that comes between the meals.

Today we have an office party so I'll have to be very good before and after the party, and reasonable during the party. It is a lunch giving for the computer consultant who is leaving for a full time job after consulting at our company almost full time for over 3 years. There will be sandwiches and that's not too bad. There will also be extras in the way of deserts that people will bring and that's where I have to be very selective.

On the exercise front, I walked my 2 mile course once again this morning. This is working out well because it is structured and I like structure and patterns. I don't want to get too far ahead of myself, but I could see myself moving up to a 3 mile walk after a few weeks, and then when it gets cooler I could see that becoming a 2-mile jog with a 1-mile walk to cool down. If I'm smart about this, I might actually work up to some decent jogging several months from now. If I'm really smart about this, I won't screw things up by trying to move up to any level of jogging that will throw off the consistency factor. The key is to get out every morning and do something, not to have 1 good day followed by 2 days of no exercise.

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