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Monday, October 13, 2008

October 13, 2008 -- 216.5 Pounds (41.5 Pounds to Go)

It seemed like a good idea to post something here every once in a while so it won't look like I fell off the wagon and gained 30 pounds.

The good news is that I haven't gone wild with my eating as indicated by today's weigh-in. The bad news is that I also haven't done a very good job of following my 3 step plan:

1) Always eat when you are hungry; 2) Only eat when you are hungry; and 3) Eat half of what you think you need to eat.

When I follow those three rules I find that I hardly eat. I give my body the chance to use some of the stored up energy. In a lot of ways my eating and my current overweight condition is like the Republican mantra of "Drill here--Drill now--Pay less". I have all of this stored energy and if I would tap into that energy I would eventually weigh less. What's keeping me from tapping into that energy is my insistence on bringing in foreign sources of energy in the form of my daily eating. If I would just eat less, my body would have a reason to use some of the stored energy that I have in great abundance.

I'm going to keep working on making the 3 step diet plan more of a habit. Old habits are hard to break, new habits are hard to form, but it can be done. I can do this.

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