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Friday, October 17, 2008

October 17, 2008

No weight to report today since I have the scales put away again. In theory, it would help if I just followed the plan without worrying from day-to-day about the results. In a surprise to no one, I find that rarely am I following the plan.

What is so difficult about a diet where the number one rule says to eat whenever you get hungry? If I called it the "Never Go Hungry" diet there would be a lot of people thinking that it's the plan they need to follow. Then they would eventually realize that hunger is not the main reason that they eat. I've certainly discovered that it is rarely the reason that I eat.

I eat because someone has candy out on their desk and I have a sweet tooth. I eat because it is a certain time of the day and I have trained myself to eat on a schedule. I eat because I'm bored. I eat because I want to put off some job that needs to be done. I eat as a reward. I eat for a lot of reasons and because of this, I almost never need to eat because I'm hungry. I never give myself the chance to be hungry.

Today will be a day that I get hungry, not just once, but several times. I'll eat when I get hungry, I won't eat until I'm hungry, and I'll fix small portions when I eat. It's all about breaking the habits and if I can do that then I'll be down to 175 in a hurry. I can do this and at some point I will do this. It might as well start today.

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