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Thursday, October 23, 2008

October 23, 2008 -- 220 Pounds

Considering my lack of effort of late and that Thursday morning is always the worst weigh-in of the week, I'm a little surprised to be as low as 220 pounds this morning. At best, I've only been following 1 rule of my 3 rule diet. As you would suspect, that would be rule #1 which says, "Always eat when you are hungry". I actually haven't followed that rule very often because I don't allow myself to get to the hungry stage.

The other two rules are so simple: (2) Never eat unless you are hungry, and (3) Eat half of what you think you should eat. When you have an intelligent adult unable to stick with something so simple you have to wonder if they really do want to lose weight. Since I'm that supposedly intelligent adult, I'll answer that I think I do want to lose weight and if I don't then it must be some deep, deep subconscious desire that is side tracking my efforts.

There was a time when I would have speculated that the deep subconscious desire theory might be valid. When I was a kid I think that being fat was a way to explain away any failures on my part. If I wasn't good in sports, it wasn't because I was a good athlete, it was because I was just too fat. If I wasn't popular in school, it wasn't because I was a bad person but it was because I was fat. In looking back, I realize that I wasn't unpopular, I just wasn't that cool kid that I wanted to be, a situation that probably describes 90% of school age kids.

Right now the problem seems to be that thinking I want to lose weight falls into the same vague category as things like: thinking I want to learn a foreign language; thinking that I should learn to play a musical instrument; thinking that I need to do a major organization job on all the photos and memorabilia things I have at my house; thinking that I need to read more; thinking I need to get out more; etc. It's easy to think you want to do something but that doesn't mean that you have to willpower to actually follow through. That seems to be where I'm at on too many days, thinking that I want to lose weight but then deciding that I want that piece of candy a little more, that extra hot pocket a little more, that 2nd bad of popcorn a little more, and on and on and on.

Today I can stick with my 3 rule diet. It means cutting down on temporary pleasures. It means fighting with old habits and subconscious patterns. The good news is that it doesn't really mean any sacrificing on my part--I get to eat whenever I'm hungry so how can that be sacrificing? It's all about making the right choice throughout the day and 4 out of 5 times the right choice is to not eat that offering of food because I not hungry. I'm an intelligent person with a weight problem--I should be able to make these right choices.

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