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Friday, November 14, 2008

November 14, 2008 -- 221 Pounds

I am cautiously hopeful that I've found the key to my diet success. I've thought in the past that being accountable was the key to diet success and that's not quite right. The key to diet success is finding a way to consistently stay accountable.

The difference is both minor and huge. With all of my methods in the past I would be accountable to some degree, maybe for two-thirds of a day, or for two out of three days, or maybe for two out of three weeks. On those rare occasions when I was so motivated that I stayed consistently accountable for my actions, and therefore I did the right thing time after time, I always succeeded with my diet.

The key thought in that last paragraph is motivation. You give a person enough motivation and they will succeed at just about anything. Almost every obese person in the world could and would lose back to a healthy weight if you offered them a million dollars as their reward. That's good news that everyone has this ability to succeed. The bad news is that rarely does a person find themselves with such a high motivation. Even the idea of living extra years in the future isn't much motivation for people to stop eating extra now.

I've been trying various methods that all rely on me being highly motivated and I've found it very hard to stay that motivated. Following the instructions of the mythical "Coach Frank" doesn't rely on motivation. I know that sounds like some sort of mental hocus-pocus, but when I run all of my decisions through this idea of "What Would Coach Frank Say", all I have to do is following the resulting advice. Maybe it works for me because I'm very geared to the coach-player relationship. You take a coach giving good advice and a player willing to apply that advice, and you will end up with a player reaching close to their full potential. If I stop for a moment and think like a diet coach, and then if I will follow that advice, it is a certainty that I will successfully lose weight.

Again, this is something I've been trying for only a couple of days so I don't want to get too carried away. Let's see if it works for a week or for a month. Let's see if it works all the way down to 175 pounds. I think it will work and I think it will work in other areas of my life as well. A person who makes and takes the right decision consistently is a person who is highly likely to succeed. My split personality of Coach Frank is going to make the right decision just about every time. All I need to do to guarantee success in my life is to be a good player and follow the instructions of the coach.

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