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Sunday, November 16, 2008

November 16, 2008 -- 221 Pounds

Much like the surface of the earth, the human body is composed of a trenendous amount of fluid. Considering that fact, I don't get too worried about a 1% gain in weight as long as I know that I'm doing the right things in regarded to how I eat. Over the last few days I have been doing the right things more consistently than just about any time in 2008.

When I thought about trying this coach yourself approach it wasn't one of those things where I got super motivated and pumped about sticking with the program no matter how difficult. It was just a new approach to try that sounded reasonable, much like all of the other approaches I've tried have sounded reasonable and would be successful if I stuck to the plan. WHAT SETS THIS APPROACH APART FROM THE OTHER PLANS is that it is simple to do, it is a plan that has to work if you stick with it, and IT DOESN'T TAKE A LOT OF MOTIVATION TO STICK WITH THIS PLAN.

Maybe this plan is perfect for me and not for others because I've coached a lot in the past. In coaching you have a person who says this is what we need to do and the other people accept the plan and go out an execute. That's all I'm doing. When it's time for a meal, I check in with Coach Frank to see what he would suggest for a person who is trying to lose weight and then I follow his plan. When I'm passing by a bowl of candy at work, I check with Coach Frank to see if he thinks it's okay for a person who is trying to lose weight to stopped for candy--he always seems to say no so I don't stop, but I think he would say yes to candy if I was truly hungry and didn't have any better options available. Coach Frank makes smart, rational decisions while I react based on impulse and emotions instead of need. I'm starting to feel like losing weight is going to be a breeze if I'll simply continue to follow the advice of my new coach.

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