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Monday, November 17, 2008

November 17, 2008 -- 222 Pounds

It's 3:15 and I'm up with Hillary ready to answer the phone if it rings. Okay, I'm up because old people have this problem about waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to sleep. I thought I write a post and then try to take a nap until 5:20.

Don't let the 222 pound weigh-in fool you. I had a great weekend and I feel better about this dieting method than anything I've tried over the 33 months that I've been blogging about trying to lose weight. I'm making the right choices when it comes to eating, or actually when it comes to not eating. I could make better choices when I do eat, opting for more fruits and vegetables, but I don't want to get too crazy right away.

If someone asked me about exactly what I've been eating and the daily caloric intake, I would be unable to give an accurate answer. In the past my dieting has been all about keeping an accurate account of calories in an attempt to maintain accountability for my actions. Now I leave the accountability up to Coach Frank and I don't have to worry about it.

I should be able to explain this better but thinking is hard at this early morning hour. In the past the food diary was mostly about making me think before I ate. The value was mostly in keeping me from eating things, not in keeping up with what I was eating. Now I run all of my eating decisions past my alter ego. It's a different method of making me think before I eat. It's all about making the right decision over and over again, something that Coach Frank will do without me having to keep up with anything. He has me avoiding the bowls of candy at work, the bowl of nuts at the bar, the temptations of fast food restaurants, etc, because these things aren't the right decisions. There's no need to keep up with anything if I just make the right decision time after time. It is refreshingly simple and effective for the person willing to follow the good advice of their personal coach, even if that personal coach is some odd figment of their imagination.

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