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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

November 19, 2008 -- 219 Pounds

I consider this to be 3 pounds lost since I started listening to Coach Frank. It seems like I first started applying this concept last Tuesday or Wednesday. I remember last Wednesday well because this was the first diet method I've used that kept me out of the snack nuts at the bar.

I have a general goal of getting my weight down to the 175-185 range. I think the difference on where I fall in that range will depend on my level of daily activity. I do not have a timetable for getting to the 175-185 range. I firmly believe that doing the right thing day after day by following the Coach Frank advice will virtually guarantee that I reach my target. It seems like that will take at least 4 months and quite possibly longer. It really doesn't matter. What I've found is that I'll never be able to stop thinking about my diet if I want to keep the weight off, so I'll really need to continue to coach myself for the rest of my life. There will be a point where that coaching switches from losing weight to maintaining a weight. In the big picture of life, it won't matter if that point comes in 4 months or 8 months, just as long as it comes.

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