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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

November 26, 2008 -- 224 Pounds

I suspect that most major disasters start out small:

--The person who embezzles $100,000 starts out by "borrowing" $100 from petty cash until the next payday.
--The three year affair that breaks up a marriage starts out as just 30 minutes to have a drink with a co-worker after work.
--The Vietnam conflict started out with just a couple of hundred United States observers.

Those are disasters on a larger scale than my current weight, but the process of growth was the same. A person gains 5 pounds and that's not good, but they'll work it off after the holidays or when the weather gets warmer or when there's more free time in the schedule. Before too long, that extra 5 pounds is the norm and something comes along that adds 5 more pounds. Eventually there are more gains, more excuses, more diet plans that never come to fruition, and a person has become obese. That's where I am today.

Lately the move is being made to classify obesity as a disease and or a disability. I disagree with these classifications, but let's accept these new ideas for a moment. Isn't it great that I have the power in my hand to cure myself of a disease and to correct a disability! Wouldn't those with a true illness or an actual disability love to have such power, and yet I fail to exercise control over my situation. That's tragic. I don't understand why I won't do such a simple thing as showing restraint long enough to make myself healthier and happier, but I'm going to keep hammering away at myself until something clicks. While it seems like "Just do it" should be all of the instructions that I need, it appears to be more complicated than that.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving Frank! I'm sure I won't get to read your stuff until next Monday. I might even hijack your blog by posting my numbers in the comments moving forward :D

  2. Please feel free to do so--it would probably be good motivation for both of us and I am always wanting for more motivation. Have a great Thanksgiving.