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Thursday, November 27, 2008

November 27, 2008 -- 224.5 Pounds

Coach Frank has obviously been given a red card and is no longer around to control his player. The pre-Thanksgiving has been a wonderful array of food. It started with the office party this past Monday and the leftovers that were just as good on Tuesday. Wednesday evening was spent enjoying a wonderful supper at Fred and Virginia's house, and today I'll be at Will and Linda's house for a huge Thanksgiving spread. Friday, Saturday and Sunday need to be days of fasting.

I know that the recent feasting has been an anti-diet and I could have done much better. Maybe I should have done much better, but you all know how I eat when there's no special event going on. These festive meals are a rarity for me and I don't see the need to sit and drool on special occasions. In theory, I'm suppose to do well enough on the normal days that I can enjoy the big occasions. Days like Thanksgiving and Christmas aren't my failures, it's all the days in between the big events where I'll either sink or swim when it comes to my diet.

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