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Friday, November 28, 2008

November 28, 2008 -- 226 Pounds

There's bad news and good news. The bad news is in the title of this post: 226 pounds!!! The good news is that some of that weight is just passing through (if you know what I mean) and the really good news is that Coach Frank is back on the job.

I need to go back to almost zero tolerance on my diet. The last quarter of every year has the triple whammy of Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, three occasions where food temptations are abnormally high. I didn't do very well with Halloween and Thanksgiving this year so I need to redeem myself during the days running up to Christmas. That means a combination of Coach Frank and the 3 rule diet: (1) Eat when you are hungry; (2) Don't eat unless you are hungry; and (3) When you eat, eat half of what you think you need.

On a very serious note, I think time is running out on this weight loss thing. A person can get away with excessive weight for a portion of their life, but eventually there will be a price to pay. I find myself at that time when I either need to get the job done or pay up. This morning I was doing something simple that involved bending over just a little. I had a sudden, sharp pain that ran from my hip to my knee, causing my leg to buckle just a little. It was the same pain highway that has been running up and down my right leg for quite a while, but the pain has always been slow and dull. This was something I hadn't felt before and it makes me think that I either must take pressure off of my right hip by losing weight and stretching, or a hip operation is not too far away. I'm running out of time to get things back in order.

It seems fairly simple. Get rid of 50 pounds of unused weight that I tote around every waking minute of my life. Stretch to take pressure off of my hip. Do some exercises to build up the area around my hip and just to get back into decent shape as I deal with early old age (birthday number 57 is less than a month away). At this point in time, there really is nothing more important on my list of things to do than to take care of myself. I can't put it off any longer.

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