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Friday, December 26, 2008

Day 1 (12/26/08) -- 231 Pounds

A new approach doesn't have to wait for the start of a New Year. When I wrote my very first blog entry ever back on February 23, 2006, it showed that I weighed 225 pounds. I actually had been as high as 230 pounds earlier in 2006, but I dieted a little before starting the blog because I didn't want to admit to such a high weight. While I hate to admit to it now, this is the reality I currently face and I might as well face it head on.

The new header for the blog says it all. When I think about wanting to get to 175 or 185 pounds, I know I'm talking about months of dieting. When I'm talking about months of dieting, I know there will be many special occasions and an inevitable number of "bad" days, so I allow these diet killers into my life. The big picture and the big goal is just too fuzzy for me to stay on course. I can stay on course for a shorter trip and a more reachable goal. I can do really well for something like 28 days and that's what I plan to do.

MY GOAL FOR THIS DIET IS TO GET DOWN TO 215 POUNDS: Wow, 16 pounds in 28 days is a lot to shoot for in a diet. Normally that would be true. In this case, I'm counting on the body wanting to get rid of about 6 pounds that have jumped on over the last 10 days thanks to: the office Christmas supper, the office party for December birthdays, a big birthday lunch with Boty, the big party at the Schimmel's, big meals for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, plus fattening goodies in reach no matter which way I turn. It was like going on a cruise without ever getting on a boat.

How will I achieve this goal? I'll achieve it by doing all the things that I've written about over the last 3 years. I usually failed to do those things consistently because the project has been too big for my concentration level. I can start and stick with some stretching if it's just a 28 day project. I can get out and walk each day if it's just a 28 day project. Who knows, I might even get on the floor and at least try to do one set of push-ups and sit-ups--I'll have my cell phone by my side in case I need to call for help if I can't get up!

I can diet for 28 days. I can get to 215 pounds and that would be a nice improvement in my life. I will not think about anything beyond that time frame. And now, I think I'll walk up to the store and buy a newspaper and some fruit for breakfast.

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  1. I think I learned what a ??? marking means. Today I was 229.8 which is more than 3% gains in just one day. That's got to go for sure. I expect to see around 224/225 tomorrow.