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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Day 2 (12/27/08) -- 228.5 Pounds

It's 2 a.m. Saturday morning and Hillary asked me to stay up and cover for her if the phone rings. Okay, her ad said 3 a.m. but we have to assume that it was the time in Washington D.C. so I'm right on the button if we go by the Eastern time zone.

Actually, after a very busy Friday that involved computer work that stretched into Saturday, I now find myself unable to get to sleep. I'll try again in a few minutes. Boty and I are going to meet for a walk at 7 and I'll probably come home from that and crash for the rest of the morning.

Day 1 of the 4-week diet went fairly well for a first day. I did walk to the store and I did eat healthy throughout the day. I didn't stretch or do any pushups or situps. Those will definitely get done on Day 2. Not surprisingly, it was a day spent mostly indoors right where I'm sitting at the moment. At least I accomplished a lot on the computer, editing and posting all of my Christmas Eve and Christmas Day photos, creating a posting a Youtube video, and I even finished the 1st book in the Mitford series.

Now I've gotten sleepy trying to think of something to write. I guess I'll give sleep another try, hopefully getting in 3 or 4 hours of rest before getting up to meet Boty.

6:30 Update: I did get some sleep but I'm going to need that nap sometime today, probably sooner rather than later. Sometime before falling to sleep I realized that Day 1 wasn't as acceptable as I had thought when I wrote the above. It was acceptable for the old method of dieting, a long range approach that allowed for days that had lapses. I need to get my mind in focus for the new approach, a diet of just 28 days which means that every day has to be as close to a great day as I can get. There's really no excuse for yesterday's lack of exercise and that's a mistake I don't need to make over the next 27 days.

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