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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Day 3 (12/28/08) -- 227.5 Pounds

Today's weight reminds me of the way we tend to look at gasoline prices. Gas that cost $2.75 per gallon is great after a stretch of paying more than $4.00 per gallon. However, that same $2.75 price will cause heartaches the next time we reach it because now we are getting accustomed to prices around $1.50 in the Jackson area. In that same manner, I'm glad to see 227.5 after a recent day at 230 pounds followed by a day at 231. On the flip side, there's not a lot to be happy about when you have 227.5 pounds dragging down a 5'10" frame.

Well, as a lot of sports figures have started saying of late, "It is what it is." I can learn from the mistakes of the past, but I also have to live with them. One beautiful thing about sports is that you get a new beginning every season. The football team that finished 2-9 this year gets to start back at 0-0 next year along with all the teams that were 9-2. Wouldn't it be great if we could go back to a more optimistic starting point each year? If New Year's Day would hit and suddenly I could roll my weight back to 185 with a fresh opportunity to maintain that weight or even drop it down to those glory years of being 165.

The good news is that I did all of the right things yesterday. I walked 4 miles with Boty in the morning, I kept the eating down, and I even did pushups, situps, and stretching. The last 3 items were mostly symbolic efforts--symbolic of just how pitiful I've become in the area of physical fitness. I did the shortened pushups, using my knees instead of my toes as the support for half my weight. On the situps, it was like my stomach muscles had absolutely no muscle memory involving that movement--it felt like I was attempting a situp for the first time in my life. My efforts were both appalling and encouraging.

I'll choose to focus on the encouraging. I am in a position where I can totally revamp my life and move to a wildly improved quality of living. Think how fantastic it would be to remove a 50 pound backpack that you were having to carry 24 hours a day. I have that opportunity. Think how great it would be to feel strong and athletic after years of being a spectator. I have that opportunity.

Yesterday I realized that I had totally forgotten what it feels like to do a situp. I think I've also totally forgotten what it feels like to be fit and healthy. I had a glimpse of it when I lost 35 pounds and reached the 190 pound range, but I didn't appreciate that success or build on that success. I can live a physical life that is so much better than what I'm living today--THAT'S WHAT I HAVE TO FOCUS ON EACH AND EVERY DAY.

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