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Monday, December 29, 2008

Day 4 (12/29/08) -- 227.5 Pounds

Same weight as yesterday which is okay, especially since that's leaves me with 3.5 pounds lost after 3 days of dieting. On the other hand, that still leaves 12.5 pounds to go in only 25 days of dieting, meaning that I need to see a fairly decent drop over the 4-5 days if I'm going to have a shot at reaching my goal.

On paper, I could make it sound like yesterday was fairly good. I walked to the store yesterday morning to buy a newspaper. I did one more pushup, situp, and one more minute of stretching than the beginning numbers from Saturday. The eating wasn't great and it wasn't bad. It was a day with one too many bags of popcorn as I sat at the computer most of the day, but overall it was a fairly healthy 2,200-2,500 calorie day.

In reality, there was something wrong with yesterday. The idea of this 4 week diet is to get myself fired up and focused on losing weight. I'm not really fired up like I need to be. I've got plenty of excuses like the bad hip, my recent fatigue from not being able to sleep well, computer time that was needed to process the Christmas photos, etc. Those excuses are legitimate realities, but I can do more and I need to do more. I could have walked around the block when I needed a computer break. I could have cut back some on the food. I could have exercised and stretched at least twice yesterday.

Fortunately, today is a new day. It's going to be a long day since I got up at 4 this morning to work on a couple of things (things I should be doing now instead of blogging). Works going to be hectic since it is both the end of the month and the end of the year accounting. What I need to do is stay too busy to eat, not think about eating because I need a break from being busy. That's the one goal that needs to be accomplished today.

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  1. 220.0 today, but not in a good way. The past three days I've been down and out with a stomach flu that has kept me chained to bed pretty much. Some good old fashioned natural cleansing has brought me down in weight, in which I expect to go back up. But who knows, maybe it can stay down there?