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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Day 6 (12/31/08) -- 226 Pounds

After losing 3.5 pounds in one day, I expected a bounce back especially since I was eating dinner with friends last night. Still, after 5 complete days of dieting, I down 5 pounds. That's good isn't it? That shows I'm on the right track and doing the right things, doesn't it? Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong!

The only thing I've really done different is (1) changed the name of the blog for about the 5th time, and (2) run out of occasions where I have the opportunity to eat way too much food. In general, I've gone back to the loose dieting pattern that maintains a weight but doesn't create any weight loss. The plan of really focusing for 4 weeks just hasn't taken hold yet and I only have 23 days of dieting yet.

You would think I'd have notes up at work and at the house: Must Get to 215 Pounds by January ?? (you see, I'm not even certain of what day is the last day of this 4 week diet). You would think I'd be walking all the time, even if it was in small stretches that add up to a nice total by the end of the day. You would think that I'd totally refrain from any remaining goodies at the office. And you would think that I'd have gone back to the one tool that works the best, keeping a food journal.

Those are the things I need to do for the next 23 days of dieting. I've got 11 pounds to go and it's going to take a maximum effort from me if I want a passing grade for this 4 weeks. I need to start doing all the thinks in the above paragraph that you would think I've been doing for the last 5 days. I've given myself no room for error.

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