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Thursday, December 11, 2008

December 11, 2008 -- Back to February 23, 2006

I weighed in at 224.5 pounds this morning. Todd recently mentioned how he and I both seemed to have had our one shot at easy weight loss back about three years ago and now it wasn't going nearly as well the second time around. I do think there is some science behind that comment, that the body gets wise to the tricks of dieters and it doesn't drop weight as easily time after time. HOWEVER, with me the problem is mostly that I just haven't been as committed to the process even though I know the process will work. Back in 2006 I had these results:

Start on 2/23/2006--225 Pounds
3/23/2006--215.5 Pounds
4/23/2006--206.5 Pounds
5/23/2006--199.0 Pounds
6/23/2006--196.0 Pounds
7/23/2006--191.0 Pounds

I was extremely busy with photos, I didn't exercise much besides exercising some willpower, and I didn't starve myself. All I did was follow the extremely simple plan that was laid out in the very first blog entry I ever made:

One thing I've learned is that I will keep my eating under control if I force myself to keep a list of everything I eat during the day. That is just enough of an impulse stopper to keep me from getting that afternoon candy bar or stopping at a fast food place for a Combo Meal. The hard part for me is to keep up the Food Journal. So, I go into this knowing that I may lose steam very quickly on this project. We shall see.

Food Journal:
1 can Campbell Steak & Potato soup -- 260 calories
Peanut butter crackers -- 200 calories
Peas -- 210 calories
Santa Fe Corn -- 240 calories
Tuna -- 250 calories

That's it for day 1. Certainly not typical of the volume or quality of the food that I normally eat. At least the blog worked for one day.

Clearly, I need to get back to my roots and keep the food journal. All this other BS that I write about is unnecessary if I'll go back to the one thing that takes less than 5 minutes a day and has worked 100% of the time. I need to go back to being responsible for my actions.

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  1. It definitely seems that the journal is the only "road tested" method we were able to successfully use to our advantage. I believe we were searching for new hope with these alternate methods. I also believe we commit through discovery and that trying something new for the first time (with a sense of ownership) allows us to have great initial success. 225.2 today for me today which is my lowest post since I started. I really want to see under 225 tomorrow. We got just under three weeks until the end of the month to lose that next 10 lbs.