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Saturday, December 13, 2008

December 13, 2008 -- 222 Pounds

(Saturday morning update: I wrote most of this post Friday evening when I didn't know what my weigh-in would reveal. It's great to be at 222, especially since it is the result of staying on the food journal program for a few days. The theory of "do the right thing and you'll get the right result" is one that rarely fails in life. Now I need to stay on course, especially over the weekend since I have a lot of special occasions coming up next week.)

There's a fine line between that one needs to walk when trying to lose weight. I don't see a diet as some sort of punishment that needs to be painful. I don't see a dieter as a person who has to become a martyr for months on end, missing out on every special occasion or being a wet blanket if they do attend.

The hard part is to indulge a little without letting everything go to "Hell in a hand basket" (whatever that means). The hard part is to limit the times that are designated as special occasions, and to try and bracket those special days with really good dieting days. At this time of the year, managing the special occasions is especially important.

Todd wrote yesterday about playing in a band about once a week and having to go on the road. My big days aren't quite as glamorous but they will be somewhat numerous over the next two weeks. My 57th birthday is next Wednesday. Boty wants to take me to lunch for my birthday, we will have an office party for the December birthdays, plus an office supper for our annual Christmas get together. Then there's the party at the Schimmel's next Saturday and of course there's Christmas Eve. Let's just say that I need a lot of very good dieting days to offset these special occasions.

Here's my food list from Friday: yogurt(100)--2 cereal bars(340)--hot pockets(600)--yogurt(100)--cereal bar(170)--cereal bar(170)--pineapple(300)--popcorn(250)--light beer(100) = 2,130 calories. I should have done better.

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