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Sunday, December 14, 2008

December 14, 2008 -- 222.5 Pounds

I'm writing this Saturday evening at the end of a productive day. I wish I had thrown in some exercise but the best I did was wash clothes at the Laundromat, iron about a zillion shirts and pants, cleaned up the kitchen, and washed all of the hummingbird feeders that I had sitting in a basket on the porch. None of that burned a lot of calories but it was better than sitting in a chair while eating ice cream and watching the television.

The calorie count was good while the menu items still need to be expanded. I totalled up 1,850 calories with 2 cans of pineapples, 3 bags of popcorn, a serving of chili, and a light beer. I do have some canned vegetables at the house and I do know how to heat them up. I should make a better effort on the nutritional side of the equation.

Millsaps plays both a men's and women's basketball game Sunday afternoon. If I walk to the campus and walk during both halftimes and the break between games, it would easy to put in at least 4 miles of walking. That's something I need to do and I can do it since I'll be leaving the camera at home. I've got to stick to the plan of not feeling a need to photograph every game. Tomorrow I'll be on campus as a fan.

Todd, I hope your travels this weekend were productive and/or fun. Good luck with your diet as you travel this week. Just remember that staying at a place with a free breakfast bar is not an excuse for sampling everything--I tend to fall into that mode whenever there's free food around. I'll have my own set of challenges which means I have to really focus if I want to get below 220 over the next week.

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