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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

December 16, 2008 -- 222.5 Pounds

I'm not surprised by the bounce up. I had hoped for something a little more like 221 or 221.5 pounds. Maybe the 222.5 was because I ate like a normal person yesterday, not overeating, but also not using a lot of willpower on the little things. My excuse for that behavior is that I was tired and sometimes it seems like the only way to get through one of those days is with food breaks that are for both an energy boost and also a bit of mental relief.

The being tired comes from being so productive over the weekend. I really got a lot done and it often meant staying up late and getting up early. That's fine for the weekend because you work on whatever cycle feels comfortable, knowing that you can always go take a nap if you overdo it a little. Things change on a Monday. You have to get up when the alarm goes off. You have to spend most of your time at a desk. And on this particular Monday, I had to get a whole mess of things done from start to finish. Things were stacking up like airplanes waiting to land at a busy airport.

One thing regarding the 222.5 weigh-in is that I think I'd take it as my starting weight for 2009. The next 2 weeks will have plenty of pitfalls. There's the office Christmas party tonight, lunch with Boty on Thursday, an office birthday party this week, a friend's party on Saturday, and then there's Christmas next week and New Year's activities after that. It's a two week stretch where maintaining isn't such a bad thing, but a person has to realize that maintaining involves some effort and willpower. Without effort and willpower, I could be starting 2009 at somewhere closer to 227.5 pounds and I don't want to backtrack that far.

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  1. Well unfortunately the family gathering has put me back at 226.2 which is actually much better than I was expecting. It was a mournful time and I really thought I was going to put added stress in people by trying to eat healthy, so I didn't. It's funny how much we think we're going to inconvenience people by eating healthy. I really think it's just another temptation tactic kicking in.