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Saturday, December 20, 2008

December 20, 2008 -- 226 Pounds

I tried to cut back yesterday and it's nice to be rewarded with a weight loss. That's not always the case for good behavior.

Good behavior is what I need until this evening so I can enjoy some moderately bad behavior at a party this evening. It's an annual party at the home of a friend and I'll know lots of folks there. My contribution to the party for the last few years is to do what I do best at a party--take photos. I'm glad to do it and it actually keeps me busy and away from constant grazing (wasn't that a KD Lang song). It would be nice if I got out sometime during the day and did a little walking. We'll see if I can manage to get away from the computer and a book that I started reading and I can't put down.

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  1. 224.0 but in a hurry... We'll be back Monday!