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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

December 23, 2008 -- 226 Pounds

A little late in posting today and I've got work that needs to get done. Yesterday was more of the same with more snacking than I'd like to admit. I must admit that my first 25 minutes at the office hasn't reversed yesterday's trend--too many sweet treats and too little discipline.

Todd, that 222 range looks pretty good considering the circumstances. Good luck with the next couple of days and then the leftovers that follow. I have a new plan for 2009. Actually, it's more of a new approach that I think will make a difference in the way I deal with my dieting. It's nothing that will rock the world and get me on Oprah, but I think it will make a difference to me. Those details will be coming January 1st.

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  1. 222.2 again. I was expecting some further damage but I'll admit things are looking ok. I think I got a good mitigation plan in affect for the holidays.