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Friday, December 5, 2008

December 5, 2008 -- 223.5 Pounds

I had put off giving blood since before Thanksgiving so yesterday I decided to give blood on the way home from work (I took off most of the afternoon to work on photos). That meant cookies and juice at the blood center, an extra 500 calories that they really want you to eat so they don't have any liability if you pass out on the drive home and crash into a telephone pole. I had eaten a good meal before giving blood and then I had the snack, so I ignored the instructions about eating a good meal afterwards. I just didn't want to see 225 pounds again.

My life is a wreck, but what else is new. It's not necessarily a bad wreck, just a life that I allow to get so totally out of whack. I'll take off this afternoon to continue working on the football DVDs. That's going to be a huge part of the weekend as I try to get those ready to deliver Monday morning. Then there's a set of basketball photos that I need to edit and Saturday afternoon the men and women have their only conference basketball game that will be played before the start of 2009. I need to somehow get the Strong Family Reunion photos burned on CDs and mailed out to a bunch of families in time for Christmas. The projects that would have been nice for my family for this, both the photos and some family history that I'm trying to get into a word file, those projects will have to go to the back burner.

Add in the part about absolutely having to so a major spring cleaning at my apartment, nearing to get caught up on financial paperwork, and who knows what else. It's a life out of control and trying to add in dieting and exercise is difficult. Not impossible, but it's just one more layer of less pleasure in an attempt to accomplish something productive.

As you can see, I'm not in a great mood this morning. I didn't intend to write all this when I sat down to post but it all came out. Logically, a person should be able to diet regardless of how busy they are. Maybe it should even make things easier if they take less time to eat. Psychologically, I think that stress, pressure and impending deadlines make dieting far more difficult. I know it's a trap, me thinking that I'll give myself a treat as I take a break from all the work, but I'm actually giving myself one more burden to deal with. I'll see what I can do to avoid that trap today and over the weekend.


  1. I know that cycle all too well Frank. Sounds like you need to get some things finished to shake off any guilt/anxiety. I personally under take so many projects that I have the best intentions of doing yet almost always never factor in the real life schedule. Not to say your doing that now but I've had that same anxiety over and over. 219.2 today for me today which is really crushing. I basically destroyed myself in training three days strait and lose 5+ pounds. On my day off, I am very diet stricken. My friends go out for a drink at the bar and I drink unsweet tea the whole time. Probably about five hours worth. Well that water stayed with me for the morning. I've been drinking water like a fish all the other days, I'm hoping that for some reason that the unsweet tea with sweet n low isn't messing me up. I'm completely sore from head to toe and barely have a pound to show for it. Man...