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Saturday, December 6, 2008

December 6, 2008 -- 224 pounds

A few questions/comments for you Todd. (1) Your comment yesterday had 219 but based on the rest of the comment I'm guessing it was 229. It sounds like you are doing the right things and that's going to lead to the right results. (2) Based on the lack of activity with the MySpace page for Dragline, it looks like that band is inactive. Are you playing in any bands right now? (3) And if memory serves me correctly, you got married in 2008. If that is so, then congratulations. If that is not so, then it won't be the first time that my memory didn't serve me correctly.

As for my day-to-day struggles with the weight, I guess the biggest thing is that I'm not struggling too much. Ideally, trying to lose weight shouldn't be a struggle at all. There should be a strong motivation to be healthier, feel better, live longer, and yes, to look better. This motivation should result in making it easy to make the right choices over and over again. Thanks to the laws of nature, a string of right choices will eventually lead to right results. It is so simple and straight forward--there should be no difficulty and struggling involved. It should be as easy as selecting a temperature on the thermostat and dialing it up, except that it involves a longer time period for the results to show up.

Maybe it works like that in Camelot, but in the real world it isn't so simplistic and easy. There are times when making the right choice isn't the choice we want to make--such as going out with a group to a bar and drinking tea all night. Those are the moments where I have to struggle against the short term desires. I have to fight for the part of me that wants the long term changes and right now I haven't been much of an advocate for that section of my brain. I can do better than this and I will do better at least for this 2-day weekend.

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  1. Ah yea, that was definitely a 229+ posting. This morning was 228.2 which I guess is the right direction. The weighing once a day can get taxing, even if you think you understand how your body works. I did conquer the weekend successfully and I really think that's one of the hardest milestones. Tomorrow starts another four day training cycle that will be tougher then last week. At least I finally feel recovered. Actually, this sudden spike in concern has to do with my wedding in 09, late February actually. Thirdly Dragline pretty much stopped when our drummer passed away. We're definitely at peace with that now. Currently I play in a cover band again and play out about once a week in Raleigh.