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Monday, December 8, 2008

December 8, 2008 -- 223 Pounds

There was a time when I played tennis just about every Sunday and I would complain because not because we played 4 and sometimes 5 sets of doubles, but because one of the guys would draw out the process into a 3-4 hour event. It wasn't the amount of tennis, it was the slow pace cause by the breaks during the changing of sides. Now this once slow paced tennis would be a high energy day in my life.

I spent about 12 hours Sunday right where I am at this moment, sitting in my living room in the black chair in front of my PC. I got up at 7 Sunday morning and went back to bed after 9 Sunday evening, and the only time I wasn't in front of the PC was a mid-morning nap that I took. Some of the time I swiveled 90 degrees to the left so I could work on labeling the DVDs, some of the time I was working on photo on the PC, some time went towards writing a blog entry, I wrote an email, and the list goes on. What I didn't do was leave the house other than to walk out on the porch a couple of times. Is it any wonder that I have so much trouble with my weight? I've got to do better.

(As an aside to Todd, I'm sorry to hear about your band member's untimely passing. That just doesn't fit right in the flow of life. Good luck this week on your workouts. They may be tougher workouts on paper but hopefully they'll be easier because you are better acclimated to the process. I need to at least get out and walk this week--it is a drop in the bucket compared to what you are putting in but at least it will be something more strenuous than sitting in a chair.)

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  1. 227 today. Thanks for the recognition Frank. Thankfully I feel real good today. I'd say today has been the first workout that I actually felt athletic. I got to the point past extreme discomfort and lack of breathing to just not being able to breathe very well. Believe it or not, there's progress there. I still fell to the floor after the workout but I had a sense of an athlete for the first time in 10 years. Rinse and repeat for tomorrow...